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 How To Install Turbo C++ On Windows 7 (64bit)

 Written by on 13 February 2011

DosBox for Turbo C++

Making OS evolution hassle-free for some applications remain classic forever!

1. Install the software DOSBox version 0.74

2. Create a folder, for example Turbo. (c:\Turbo\)

3. Download and extract TC into the Turbo folder (c:\Turbo\)

4. Run the DOSBox 0.74 from the icon located on the desktop

Step 4

5. Type the following commands at the command prompt [Z]:

mount d c:\Turbo\ (The folder TC is present inside the folder Turbo)

Now you should get a message which says: Drive D is mounted as a local directory c:\Turbo\

Step 5

6. Type d: to shift to d:

Step 6

7. Next, execute the following commands:

cd tc

cd bin

tc or tc.exe (This starts you the Turbo C++ 3.0)

Step 7

8. In the Turbo C++ goto Options>Directories> Change the source of TC to the source directory [D] (i.e. virtual D: refers to original c:\Turbo\. So make the path change to something like D:\TC\include and D:\TC\lib respectively.)

Step 8

How to start TurboC++ in the DOSBox automatically:

You can save yourself some time by having DOSBox automatically mount your folders and start TurboC++:

For versions older than 0.73: Start Menu>Configuration>Edit Configuration

For versions older than 0.74: Start>Dosbox>Options

After clicking on this, dosbox-0.74.conf file opens. Scroll down to the end of this file and add following lines:

Step Automatic

These commands will be executed automatically when DOSBox starts!


Full screen: Alt and Enter

When you exit from the DosBox [precisely when u unmount the virtual drive where Turbo C++ 3.0 has been mounted] all the files you have saved or made changes in Turbo C++ 3.0 will be copied into the source directory (The directory which contains TC folder)

Don’t use shortcut keys to perform operations in TC because they might be a shortcut key for DOSBOX also. Eg : Ctrl+F9 will exit DOSBOX rather running the code.


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