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 Power-point Presentation with pptplex

 Written by on 06 February 2011

Power-point Presentation with pptplex


Microsoft office labs have introduced a new feature in the presentation using the tool pptPlex. It has some pretty tricks to zoom-in and zoom-out (But looks more than just zooming) to make your presentation attractive. For pptPlex Microsoft quoted:

“pptPlex uses Plex technology to give you the power to zoom in and out of slide sections and move directly between slides that are not sequential in your presentation”.

It’s very easy to use, some simple steps is given below:

First step is download from here it and install it. It’s completely free so no need to worry about licence and all those things.

Now you can see it in menubar of Microsoft Powerpoint as shown in fig.

The second step is to click on the Canvas background and select appropriate background of your choice. There are few available slides you can use, but there is “custom” option to create own format. This canvas background will be set as your first slide. In this slide the complete hierarchy of your presentation is set. In this background various sections are given. One of the background is as shown in fig.

The next step is to divide whole presentation in the various sections. The MS Office-2010 is giving facility to add sections in the home tab itself. But in MS Office-2007 the pptPlex will enable “Insert new section” menu in menubar. From there you can add sections. In versions older then MS-office 2007 this tool will not work.

Give appropriate name to each section and put the slides in relavent sections. Here your ppt is ready with the extra zooming facility.

Now start your presentation in pptPlex mode. There are 3 options in pptPlex mode. The first “From overview” will start your presentation from the canvas slide and it’s most appropriate option.

To move on particular section’s particular slide click on it, it will zoom-in and to zoom-out press right click. If you will press arrow key then it will show section wise slides with good transition effects.


1)   First issue is, once you have published your slides with pptPlex your all animations of presentation will lost.

2)   It will not work with the presenter’s mouse.

You can see the videos of this technology over here.

I think it’ll help you to make attractive ppts. Happy PPT’ing.


If you are using MS Office-2007 then you also have to install another add-in, which you can download from here.


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