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 Edit Grub in UBUNTU 10.04

 Written by on 09 September 2011

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This article covers:

  1. Change boot order in grub
  2. Change display name of any installed OS
  3. Change waiting time
  4. Change color of menu and highlighted entry

Hello friends! It is often asked by every new linux users - how to customize the grub. Whenever we install fresh copy of ubuntu or any other linux flavour over and after windows, by default the grub is very simple and there may be unwanted order of OS choices over there.

So here is the solution;

First of all you have to enter in the root access of nautilus (File browser of linux) by using below command from terminal:

gksu nautilus

So it will open one window in root mode.

From that you have to navigate to

filesystem --> boot --> grub

as shown in fig-1

Edit Grub in UBUNTU 10.04


Here you can find grub.cfg file. Open it.

Please take backup before you change anything in grub.cfg file.

You will see the screen like this, if you have installed ubuntu and Windows 7 side by side.

OC Grub Editing


Change Boot Order:

Grub.cfg file having much more content so scroll the code till you will find the code shown in curly braces in fig-2

### BEGIN /etc/grub.d/..... ###


### END /etc/grub.d/30_os-prober ###

Here entry set root='(hd0,X)' will indicate partition in which the particular os is installed. X=0,1,2, in which os is installed.

In order to change the boot order please cut/paste whole code with BEGIN and END  in the particular order you want.

Change Display Name of OS:

You can also change the long name to your desired name from it. See fig-2:

menuentry "Windows 7 (loader) (on /dev/sda1)"

You can give your desired name to underlined words.

Change waiting time:

From fig-3 you can see that there is timeout option, by default it will be 10 you can change it to your desired time. Please note here time is in seconds.

Change color of menu and highlighted item:

From fig-3 you can see that you can set different colors in menu item of your grub. For that you have simply change the name of the color at shown position.

That's it. Save the grub.cfg file and reboot your computer.

Linux Grub Editing


If you have found any problem replace your grub.cfg file with which you have taken backup earlier. And still you have any problem for grub then install the fresh copy  by using commands given in Install / Recover GRUB after windows installation

This is the manual method you can also use some tools like Grub Customizer.

File name can be different in different OS.

Ubuntu, Linux Mint : grub.cfg

earlier version of Linux Mint : menu.lst

redhat : grub.conf

This method may slightly vary OS by OS. This all performed on UBUNTU 10.04.


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