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Database Examples: Copy data within same table using Update and Join
First you need to experience a breath-taking moment and then you need to store it!- - Techie Man - -   Problem: Copy a bunch data from some rows to other rows within the same table not using the...
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Dongle Detection Problem in Linux Mint 10
That is why you should use an LTS version!   So Bruce Wayne called and said, "Wanna party tonight? Catch some criminals?" Having done the same thing all week, the creeping boredom replied, "Yeah!...
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Electricity - A Commodity In An Open Market
The Deregulated System (click on the image to enlarge)   A famous dialogue of movie Oh My God, Kanji Lalji Mehta to the opposition lawyer: “Aapke ghar me Light ya Electricity kaunsi company ki...
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  Sometimes I wish I could simply fly awayGet invisible just like the snow in MayA billion things running in my headIt’s just another gloomy day [Bridge] And I dunno why I feel all aloneEven when...
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  દુનિયામાં ઘણી વસ્તુઓ એવી છે કે જેની વ્યાખ્યા આપવી એ જ જે-તે વસ્તુનુંઅપમાન...
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Right Back To You
  :Verse1:We say it's over,But I feel it's not,In this vicious cycle I’m so caughtRemembering all the sorrowsThat all this broughtI ain't ashamed of admittingI still love you a lotNeed you back in...
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